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Are you looking to freshen up your interior with just a single piece of furniture? If so, glass table tops are an ingeniously simple way to add sparkle to a living room, dining room, or bedroom. And with bespoke sizes, shapes, and finishes on offer, Our glass table tops service is the smartest route to a sleek, stylish, and robust piece of furniture.

Glass Table Tops – Where Style Meets Protection

Looks are important, too. By their nature, glass table tops are remarkably thin – this means a sleek, modern appearance that trumps any wood or marble counter. As for the exact thickness, we recommend 12mm for small glass tables (by “small” we mean glass coffee tables and glass side tables up to 1000x1000mm.) Larger glass tables, such as dining tables, are best manufactured in a thickness between 15mm and 19mm.

And there’s more: Glass table tops can be tinted to protect against UV damage – handy for tables near a window that basks in plenty of sunlight throughout the day.


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